Friday, May 4, 2012

Summer Natural Hair Challenge

Hi all! So I'm no stranger to being natural but I am a stranger to natural hair styles. I am addicted to extensions and a major plus is that I am a trained hair extension specialist so I install them myself. While that has been so convenient over the years, I feel as though I need to embrace my natural hair. This comes at a good time too. Since I have been natural, I've never done a twist-out or braid-out or any of those gorgeous natural styles. I simply wear my hair straight. Okay, the purpose of going natural is to not damage it...well, although the relaxer is not in my hair anymore, I have thermal damage (heat damage). SO...I'm getting rid of my flat iron.

This challenge is going to allow me to experiment with various natural hair products as well as get my hair back to its pre-heat damage state. I will be creating various styles in my hair, using different products, and providing/receiving helpful natural hair tips.

For the entire summer I am challenging myself to neither install any of my virgin human hair extensions (gosh I love them so much) nor use my Babyliss Nano Titanium Pro flat iron (if anyone has yet to find one, this works wonders on natural hair). This is definitely going to be a test, but I'm up to the challenge. Anything that will allow my hair to grow and get healthier.

If anyone has any suggestions or just wants to offer support, please feel free to post!

--XOXO Chic Sista

                           Good-Bye Straight, Flat Ironed Hair

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